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Icicle Wrap

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A little bit of sparkle can enhance any outfit, but it really shines around the holidays. Designed to be worn to festive soirees, the Icicle Wrap is a convertible accessory that seamlessly goes from day to night. Wear it as a scarf or hood to the office or running errands, and let it fall over your shoulders to compliment your cocktail dress later in the evening. I designed this sparkly number in collaboration with Lion Brand Yarn, using their brand new Shawl in a Ball Metallic yarn. I'm not usually one for metallic yarns, but I'm completely obsessed with how this colorway (Cleansing Quartz) works up to look so cosmically beautiful. Don't you think it resembles a galaxy? See below for the freebie pattern or purchase a printable, ad-free PDF here

This knitting pattern could not be any more simple. It is perfect for a beginner and the only techniques involved are knitting and working a running stitch with a tapestry needle to gather the ends. It may be basic to knit, but this versatile piece can be worn in so many different ways!


2 skeins Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball or approx. 1036yds/946m of another DK weight, cat. 3 yarn
Size US 10.5/6.5mm knitting needles, 12”/30cm or longer
Stitch holders or scrap yarn
Tapestry needle
Pompom maker (optional)


Width (laying flat): 20”/51cm
Length (laying flat): 60”/152cm


13 sts + 18 rows = 4”/10cm in garter stitch


*All Two of Wands patterns are written in standard US terms*

CO - cast on
K - knit
Rep - repeat
St(s) - stitch(es)

Note: Wrap is worked in a garter stitch rectangle and then gathered at each end. 

CO 68 sts, leaving a long tail approx. 24”/61cm.

K until work measures approx. 60”/152cm laying flat – the scarf will stretch a lot once picked up and worn. When you reach the end of the first skein, find the place on the second one where the color repeat continues from where you ended the first one and start from there. You can use any waste for the pompoms. The goal is to create a perfect mirror image with the color repeats, so continue on with the second skein until your color work is symmetric and you reach the point of the color repeats that match the cast on edge, even if the length is slightly shorter or longer than 60”/152cm.

Bind off, leaving a long tail approx. 24”/61cm.

Thread tapestry needle onto the long bind off tail and weave a running stitch in and out along last row, then pull like a drawstring to gather as tightly as possible. Knot to secure and weave in tail. Rep with cast on tail at other end of work.

Pompoms (make 2):

If using pompom maker, create pompom to desired fullness.

To make by hand, cut an 18”/46cm piece of yarn and with palm of hand facing you and fingers pointed up, drape the length between your middle and ring fingers. Wrap the remaining yarn from the skein around and around your four fingers approx. 400 times depending on your desired fullness.

Bring the 18”/46cm length up and around the bundle, carefully slide the bundle off of your fingers, and tightly double knot the length around the center of the bundle so that it forms a bowtie shape. Cut through all of the loops and, being careful not to cut the two tie ends, trim and shape the pompom until it is fluffy and rounded.

Using the two tie ends, secure the pompoms to the gathered ends of the wrap. Secure and weave in all ends. 

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