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Shades of Indigo Poncho

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When I heard about Lion Brand's new Jeans yarn, I knew I had to get my hands on some and work it into my next collaboration with them. I'm a huge fan of all of their yarns but this one sounded so amazing that I was particularly excited to work with it. What a way to kick off the new year!

You guys, this yarn was Made. For. Me. Not only does it come in seven of my favorite colors, it's also incredibly soft and heathered in the most beautiful way. And when I say soft, I mean SOFT. I just described it to a customer as having that "washed a million times t-shirt" feel, and I think that's pretty accurate. It's 100% acrylic and super durable so it would be perfect for baby knits since you can easily throw it in the washing machine. I've been wearing this poncho non-stop since I finished it and it still looks flawless.

When I set out to design the project, I knew I wanted to showcase all of the seven amazing colors of the yarn. The four blue hues, along with a light grey, charcoal, and golden orange (perfectly named "Top Stitch") all compliment each other so well that I couldn't choose just a few of them. My studio mate, Annie of Weatherby Denim, works in repurposed denim, deconstructing old jeans and building them into new pants, beautiful ponchos, and modern upholstered cushions. Inspired by her artistry I took a queue from her aesthetic and decided to create a patchwork ruana poncho that could incorporate all of the colors.

 I wanted it to be simple, so I chose to work in all half double crochet rectangles. But of course I add to add just one special touch, so I sprinkled some bobbles into two of the rectangles. I must say I love the way it turned out because the Top Stitch color contrasts all of the blues so well and I just adore the little pops of what look like fiery stars in the night sky.

Another thing I love about this pattern is how easy it is to take on the go since it's made in so many different pieces. You can bring only parts of it along and leave the rest at home until you're ready to stitch it all together. Just pop a ball of yarn in your bag with the pattern and work a rectangle here and there. 

After I had all of the rectangles sewn together, I felt there was still a little something missing. While trying in on in front of the mirror, I found myself constantly cinching it at the waist, and thus the belt was born. Because if you're going to have bobbles, you might as well also have tassels, right!? I think the belt really completes the look and you can wear it tied or open if you prefer to have it more loose poncho-esque. 

I'd highly recommend this pattern to someone who is looking for a simple, easy project that has dramatic final results. Since the majority of the pattern is worked up in only half double crochet, it would also be great for a beginner who is looking to make something really special. There are instructions for doing the bobble in the pattern, so it could be a fun way to learn something new. The most important thing with this guy is to make sure you check your gauge and work super consistently throughout each piece so that they fit together properly. Measurements for each individual piece are provided so you can check your work.

This yarn is brand spanking new, so it may not be widely available in stores yet. Luckily the lovely people at Lion Brand have put together a kit with all of the yarn you need to make this beauty yours! Click here to purchase. You can also find the pattern separately here on the site or on Ravelry.