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I don't think I've ever been as excited about a launch as I am for my new Cityscape Collection, designed in collaboration with Lion Brand Yarn. Inspired by the New York City lifestyle and both trend and function, this fall/winter collection is all about oversized elements and comfort, while still exuding a sophisticated, fashion forward look. Each item in the collection includes a dramatic element while maintaining an elegant, wearable silhouette. Living in NYC for over a decade, I've learned to dress for the weather and these pieces are meant to keep you both comfortable and shielded from a cold front. The designs evoke confidence, style, and creativity. 

I've grown a lot as a designer since I started Two of Wands - going from designing mostly accessories to much more elaborate garments and even a home collection. The Cityscape Collection contains six pieces that truly showcase my design aesthetic and philosophy, and I love being able to see the evolution of my skills in these designs. I'm endlessly grateful to Lion Brand for giving me the opportunity to collaborate on this exclusive collection, and for giving me the creative freedom to design pieces that really speak to my brand. Read on for more background on the inspiration and process for each piece, shop all of the patterns here, or head over to Lion Brand to grab all of the kits at 25% off through Thursday, October 25. You can also find a wonderful write up of all of the fall trends included in the collection on the Lion Brand blog here. Lastly, you can catch me on Tea with Shira where I discuss this collection and more!

When the temperature starts to dip, my favorite thing in the world is to bundle up and layer with my favorite knits, and I wanted each of these pieces to be a go-to item you'd want to grab over and over. This season, oversized chunky knits are once again on trend. Texture, comfort, and exaggerated silhouettes are all in. There is an emphasis on sleeves and neck, and you'll see how I incorporated this into some of the pieces. In addition to all of the dramatic ingredients, I also wanted each of the items to be functional, approachable, and wearable. With a combination of knit and crochet, easy and intermediate, and garments and accessories, there is a wonderful array of designs from which to choose.

Let's start off with a bang and talk about the Tribeca Trench Coat crocheted with Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. When I set out to sketch my initial designs, this was the piece at the top of my list and one I wanted to be a real showstopper. With extra long sleeves and an exaggerated lapel and collar, it's a modern take on a classic shape. I love that this coat can be worn open with the belt loosely tied at the back, or it can be folded over the body and belted for extra protection against the elements. The pockets are roomy and warm to tuck chilly hands in, and the chunky crochet fabric gives the tailored look a soft attitude. 

This coat is functional and extremely wearable, and has an elegant powerful look to it that suits a confident gal taking on the city. It's an easy level crochet pattern and the techniques involved are single crochet, double crochet, dc2tog, seaming, and crocheting evenly up a side edge.

Speaking of exaggerated necks and sleeves, the knit Evening in the Village Turtleneck also incorporates both of these elements. The super high turtleneck can be scrunched down (my fave!) or folded, and the extra long sleeves can be rolled up or left loose to cover your hands all the way down to the fingertips. This thermal stitch oversized jumper will surround you with sophisticated comfort for an effortlessly chic look even in the lowest of temperatures. 


Made to be extra roomy but not too bulky in Wool-Ease worsted weight, the elegant dramatic qualities make it perfect paired with just a scarf on sunny fall days strolling the streets of the West Village, or layered under a coat in chillier temps. This is an intermediate level knitting pattern and the techniques involved are the knit stitch, purl stitch, k2tog and ssk decreases, slipping stitches, and being able to read stitches to continue in pattern.

One of the most versatile pieces of the collection is the Snowfall on the Bowery Wrap, a crochet design also worked up in Wool-Ease worsted weight. Inspired by cascading snowfall on a chilly evening, this blanket wrap will keep you snug and comforted at home or protected from the chill if you decide to venture out into the night. 


It makes an excellent companion at the office or theater as a lightweight layer to cover your shoulders, and is easily converted into a scarf to pair with a coat due to the flexible, airy fabric. It is a multi-functional accessory that's a must-make for your cold weather wardrobe. I used eyelets to mimic the idea of a streetlamp capturing the snow falling in waves on a winter night. This is a super easy level crochet pattern and the techniques involved are double crochet, chaining and skipping stitches, and working into chain spaces. The pattern includes both written instructions and a chart for the eyelet portions.

If you're looking for a knit design to cover your shoulders, you'll find it in the Alphabet City Cape Scarf. Back in 2016 I designed the Saddlebrook Cape Scarf in crochet and it became one of my most popular designs. I've had so many requests for a knit version, so I knew I wanted to incorporate one into the Cityscape Collection. It's a super fun piece with a unique shape, and similarly to the Snowfall on the Bowery Wrap, it's a great as a wrap and can even be scrunched up and serve as a bulky super scarf. It is sure to make a statement and draw all kinds of (good) attention.


I used similar striping and patterns found in the Saddlebrook but switched up the colors to give it a fresh new look. I love how the mosaic colorwork and the grey tones evoke the shapes and tonality of the city buildings. This is an easy level knitting pattern and the techniques involved are the knit stitch, purl stitch, slipping stitches, and the cable cast on. Worked up in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, it uses my new favorite color in the family - Slate. If you follow me at all you know that neutrals and blues are totally my jam, and this color marries those two beautifully.

I fell in love with Slate so much, I knew I had to do something in this solid color. Behold the Red Hook Afternoon Shoulder Bag, a hobo-style crochet tote that will fit your essentials and more in its roomy and comfortable shell. The soft shaping makes this bag both unique and functional and the perfect companion for a day out on the town. Knowing all too well what it means to schlep around the city, I'm always on the hunt for an attractive oversized tote that can carry a decent amount of stuff. While my French Market Bag ticks those boxes for summertime, this shoulder bag is its cold weather cousin made with Wool-Ease Thick & Quick


The dramatic shape of this bag paired with its solid color fabric makes it both striking and sophisticated. It is minimalist in all the right ways while still having personality. I have already been sporting this tote around and I can't wait to make it in other colors. It's such a fast project, so simple to make, and result is an elegant and effortless wearable accessory. This is a beginner level crochet pattern and the techniques involved are the magic loop, single crochet, working in the round, chaining and skipping stitches, and working into a chain space.

Last but definitely not least is maybe the most elegant yet effortless of them all - the Cobble Hill Morning Cape. Blanket yourself in this cozy but fashionable knit outer layer for those brisk mornings when the fog has yet to settle. Don't we all envy those who have that négligé chic look where even with messy hair and that "I woke up like this" attitude they still exude sophistication and somehow seem put together? Perfectly imperfect. That's where the idea came from for this dramatic garment. I wanted something you could roll out of bed and toss on to walk down to the corner deli for your morning coffee and croissant and still make you feel glamorous in case you happened to bump into someone you know or say, a film set ;) I literally had Carrie Bradshaw on the mind while designing this piece, haha.


It will elevate any look in a second and is warm and comfortable to boot. The faux scarf with big tassels and the angular pockets add personality without too much unnecessary ornamentation to keep it simple, and the combo of winter white tones in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick give it a fresh, modern look. This is an easy level knitting pattern and the techniques involved are the knit stitch, purl stitch, k2tog, k3tog, m1l and m1r increases, s2kp, ssk, slipping stitches, and picking up and knitting from an edge.

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