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Earth Day Special: Three (Temporarily) Free Patterns

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UPDATE: The towel patterns are no longer available for free but can be purchased here.

Last year for Earth Day I released two tea towel patterns that I offered temporarily for free for three days and this year I will be continuing the tradition! I've designed two new hand towel patterns along with a new knit market tote, and I'm so excited to add these to my expanding collection of eco-friendly designs. Check out last year's knit Alsace Tea Towel and crochet Marseille Tea towel here, and scroll down to find the new patterns for free until Wednesday, April 24th at 11:59pm EST, after which they will return to normal pricing and join my Purposeful Patterns initiative whereby $1 from the sale of each pattern will be donated to Kiss the Ground.

Saving the world sounds like a hefty job, and one that most people aren't willing to do. Whether it's out of convenience or lack of education, so many of us are not doing our part to prevent the terrifying decline of our beautiful planet. I know I get completely overwhelmed myself with all that needs to be done, but simple changes in our daily lives can add up to a massive impact. I recently listed to this Goop podcast all about how the health of our soil is the single most potent factor determining how healthy we are. It's probably the most terrifying and yet inspiring thing I've ever listened to, and I highly recommend checking it out! My favorite thing about it is that it points out that even though it's shocking and so scary to think of what seems like irreversible damage that's been done to our planet, there is hope and there are actionable things we can do to fix it.

Carpooling or taking public transportation (or biking/walking if you can!), switching to energy-efficient appliances, buying organic, eating less meat, recycling, bringing your own bags/straws/cutlery/mug/bottle to reduce single use plastic, planting backyard/rooftop/indoor gardens - all of these things, if practiced by everyone, would start to reverse some of the horrific damage we have done. Although the statistics seem dismal and shocking, our Earth is very forgiving and these small shifts are so important to nurture this planet back to vibrancy.

I love that the slow fashion movement has opened our eyes to the destruction and waste caused by the fast fashion industry, and as knitters and crocheters we are able to make our own garments, accessories, and home decor items. Making something with your own two hands helps us to think more thoughtfully about our consumption and waste. It's only a drip in the ocean, but it inspires me to continue designing and offering fashion-forward designs to motivate others to join the movement. It's been unbelievably exciting to see so many of you whip up a crochet French Market Bag or knit Farmers' Market Tote for yourselves or loved ones to use instead of plastic bags, and the response to last year's Alsace Tea Towel and Marseille Tea Towel was so wonderful that I wanted to give you some more options in that department.

I was lucky enough to team up with LoveKnitting this year to create the Thistle Market Bag. This tote is durable and stretchy and the perfect companion to take to the market. Elegant and functional, you’ll never want to leave home without it!

In addition to the Thistle Market Bag, I've also released two new towel patterns that you can find free below until until Wednesday, April 24th at 11:59pm EST. The crochet Barrow Hand Towel and the knit Waverly Hand Towel can be used in the bathroom or the kitchen, and they make a lovely addition to your own home or a wonderful gift for a loved one. The thermal-style fabric is the perfect combo of rustic and sophisticated and the finished piece is something you’ll want on display year round. Best of all, these are worked up in Lion Brand Yarn’s new Re-Up yarn, which is a recycled cotton / poly blend that saves 1,400 liters of water per skein and costs only $1.99!

The Barrow Hand Towel is an easy level crochet pattern, and the techniques involved are double crochet, front post double crochet, and the slip stitch. Purchase the PDF pattern here.

The Waverly Hand Towel is an easy level knitting pattern, and the techniques involved are the knit stitch, purl stitch, and slipping stitches. Purchase the PDF pattern here.

Looking for other ways to reduce waste in your daily routine? Check out the French Market Bag and Farmers' Market Tote patterns!

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