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Lemon Drop Sweater

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For my latest collaboration with Lion Brand Yarn, I was lucky enough to work with their LB Collection Cotton Bamboo. I've always loved bamboo yarn for its drape, and this yarn does not disappoint! The combination of super soft and drapey bamboo mixed with durable cotton makes it cool and luxurious and perfect for summer knits. As soon as I started playing around with it I knew I wanted something that would be dramatic and showcase these lovely qualities. And thus the Lemon Drop Sweater was born! The ultimate summer sweater for comfort and style, the Lemon Drop Sweater features swoon-worthy billowy sleeves and delicate drop stitches that combine the perfect amount of feminine elegance and drapey drama. 

I used a similar angel/kimono combo sleeve shape for my Yucatan Sweater from my S/S 2014 collection, but decided to add some further design details to emphasize the airy drape of this yarn. Adding a few drop stitch rows of varying lengths throughout the sweater added even more drama, drape, and breeziness to this design. When deciding which side of the fabric was going to be the "right" side, I really loved how the purl side of the fabric made the drop stitch rows pop even more. I also opted not to block the work and let the natural curl of the stockinette fabric add some soft curves to the otherwise rectangular silhouette. Choosing to add a waistband allowed the bottom edge to curl up and mimic the sleeves. Since stockinette curls in opposite directions widthwise and lengthwise, I worked the very bottom of the waistband in knit rounds so that it would curl out rather than under.

I am in love with the way this piece makes you instantly feel like a hippy goddess. Anything that channels my inner Stevie Nicks becomes a staple in my wardrobe!

The great thing about this pattern is that it's super easy and pretty much beginner friendly if you're willing to learn a couple new skills. The only techniques involved are the knit and purl stitches, yarn overs, picking up stitches, working in the round, and seaming. Dive into the free pattern below or purchase the printable, ad-free PDF here. To get all the yarn you need, you can purchase the full kit from Lion Brand's site here.


4 (4, 5) skeins Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo in Gardenia or approx. 980yds/896m (980yds/896m, 1225yds/ 1120m) of another dk weight, cat. 3 yarn
Size US 10 (6mm) circular knitting needles, 24”/60cm or longer
Tapestry needle


Width from cuff to cuff: 54”/137cm
Waist circumference: 36”/86cm (XS/S), 40”/102cm (M/L), 46”/117cm (XL/XXL)
Length: 18”/46cm (XS/S), 20”/51cm (M/L), 22”/56cm (XL/XXL)


13.5 sts x 21 rows = 4”/10cm in stockinette 


*All Two of Wands patterns are written in standard US terms*

CO - Cast on
K - Knit
P - Purl
Rep - Repeat
RS - Right side
St(s) - Stitch(es)
YO - Yarn over

Note: Due to the loose knit nature and weight of this yarn, the fabric created has a significant drag width-wise and therefore gauge is not indicative of final measurements. Pattern is first worked from the bottom up the front, then sts are bound off and cast on to create the neckline, then it is worked from the top down the back in one continuous piece. The purl side of the fabric is considered the right side for this pattern. Sweater is reversible. Blocking is not necessary as the fabric is meant to curl. 



All sizes:
CO 180 sts, leaving a 36”/91cm tail.
Row 1: K
Row 2 (RS): P.
Rows 3-28: Rep rows 1 and 2.
Row 29: K 1, *YO, K 1, rep from * across row. 
Row 30: P, dropping all YOs.
Row 31: K.
Row 32: P.
Rows 33-36: Rep rows 31 and 32.

Row 37: K 1, *YO three times, K 1, rep from * across row. 
Row 38: P, dropping all YOs.
Row 39: K.
Row 40: P.
Rows 41-50: Rep rows 39 and 40.
Row 51: K 1, *YO, K 1, rep from * across row. 
Row 52: P, dropping all YOs.
Row 53: K.
Row 54: P.
Row 55: K 1, *YO, K 1, rep from * across row. 
Row 56: P, dropping all YOs.
Row 57: K.
Row 58: P.

Size XS/S only:
Rows 59-64: Rep rows 57 and 58.
Row 65: K.
Row 66: P 68, bind off 44, P to end of row.

Size M/L only:
Rows 59-74: Rep rows 57 and 58.
Row 75: K.
Row 76: P 68, bind off 44, P to end of row.

Size XL/XXL only:
Rows 59-84: Rep rows 57 and 58.
Row 85: K.
Row 86: P 68, bind off 44, P to end of row.

All sizes:
Row 67 (77, 87): K 68, CO 44, K to end of row.
Row 68 (78, 88): P.
Row 69 (79, 89): K.
Row 70 (80, 90): P.
Rows 71-86 (81-96, 91-106): Rep rows 69 and 70 (79 and 80, 89 and 90).
Row 87 (97, 107): K 1, *YO twice, K 1, rep from * across row.
Row 88 (98, 108): P, dropping all YOs.
Row 89 (99, 109): K.
Row 90 (100, 110): P.
Rows 91-106 (101-116, 111-126): Rep rows 89 and 90 (99 and 100, 109 and 110). 

Row 107 (117, 127): K 1, *YO twice, K 1, rep from * across row. 
Row 108 (118, 128): P, dropping all YOs.
Row 109 (119, 129): K.
Row 110 (120, 130): P.
Rows 111 and 112 (121 and 122, 131 and 132): Rep rows 109 and 110 (119 and 120, 129 and 130). 
Row 113 (123, 133): K 1, *YO, K 1, rep from * across row.
Row 114 (124, 134): P, dropping all YOs.
Row 115 (125, 135): K.
Row 116 (126, 136): P.

Size XS/S only:
Rows 117-132: Rep rows 115 and 116.

Size M/L only:
Rows 127-152: Rep rows 125 and 126.

Size Xl/XXL only:
Rows 137-172: Rep rows 135 and 136.

All sizes:
Bind off loosely, leaving a 36”/91cm tail.


Fold work in half at shoulders and using long cast on and bind off tails, seam in from the bottom of each sleeve toward the center of the work, leaving approx. 18”/46cm (20”/51cm, 23”/58cm) open at the center to create the sleeves and waist opening. 


With right (purl) side of fabric facing out, pick up and knit evenly across the opening along the front waist and evenly across the opening along the back waist. Join in the round and place marker for beginning of round.

Rounds 1-12: P.
Rounds 13-18: K.

Bind off loosely. Secure and weave in all ends.

Purchase the printable, ad-free pattern here.

Purchase the kit from Lion Brand Yarn here.

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