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The Traveling Super Scarf

CollaborationsAlexandra Tavel2 Comments

This last week kicked off the journey of the Traveling Super Scarf, a project put together by the Craft Yarn Council to showcase one of the season's biggest trends in knitwear - the super scarf! I was honored to be chosen, along with Macy Sheaman of I'm Crazy for Craftin', Interweave's Meghan Babin, Jessica Carey of The Hook Nook, and Talin Avakian of The Half Full Mug, to participate in the project by adding a little something to the scarf and then sending it along to the next maker. I got to meet the lovely Jessica and Talin at this year's Our Maker Life weekend so I was extra excited to work on something with them. I'm also a big fan of super scarves and even designed one for my latest fall collection - the Lighthouse Bay Super Scarf.

I was the first maker to receive the traveling super scarf, so it came to me as a giant blank canvas full of potential. The scarf measures 26" wide and 98" long so there was a lot of room for embellishment. But sometimes when you have so much to work with and endless possibilities, it's hard to know where to start. The scarf was actually so beautiful on its own that I didn't want to overwhelm it all at once, and with several other makers with lots of ideas of their own I wanted to be mindful of their additions as well.

I chose to add a simple but stylish edging to one side and give it a little bit of bohemian flair. Using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, which is also from what the base of the scarf is made, I first crocheted a pompom edging in the color Barley and then surface crocheted a stripe in the color Obsidian next to it. I used this pompom technique on my Bungalow Tank pattern and have been wanting to try it on something else for ages. This was the perfect opportunity! I love the way the pompoms and the stripe almost look like a single trim that has been added to the edge.

I styled the scarf in a couple of different ways after it was adorned. Wearing it as a big wrap/shawl just open down the front almost makes it look like a big cozy poncho, and it also showcases a lot of the surface area of the scarf. I'm excited to see it styled similarly to this once it's completed its journey and has everyone's special touch added to it because you will really be able to see all of the details this way.

Next I wrapped it once around like a traditional scarf, which was a nice look with this trim because it swirls around with the scarf and it really gets highlighted. The weight and warmth of this thing is so intense that it's really the only accessory you would need for a cold winter day. You could easily pull part of it up to use as a hood, and using it more as a wrap will cover a large part of the body to keep you toasty.

I really enjoyed working on this project, and it was made even better knowing that it's going to get more love from the other makers. It's so fun to collaborate with other designers and especially on something like this where everyone gets to add their own part and you can really see the different personalities of each person come to life. The scarf is off en route to Macy now and I can't wait to see what's added next and how it will look at the end of its journey!