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Metro Bias Scarf

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Today is my third and final Lion Brand Color Made Easy collab pattern release (even though I totally plan on using this yarn on an ongoing basis!). Behold the Metro Bias Scarf, a super long stripey scarf worked on the bias that can be worn long and lean, wrapped loosely once, or doubled wrapped for some extra snuggle. Read on for the free pattern, shop the printable, ad-free PDF here, or grab the yarn kit here.

Uneven striping is one of my favorite ways to jazz up an otherwise simple pattern. I've used this concept over and over throughout my designs, specifically in favorites like the Coffee Shop Wrap, Tea House Wrap, Oxford Boyfriend Cardigan, Columbia Chevron Super Scarf, Mount Tremper Sweater, Earl Grey Wrap, and Java Wrap. Playing with different sized stripes and different color combos can add subtle complexity to a standard shape without much effort, and it really elevates the design.

Color Made Easy comes in so many different colors, and lucky for me, a lot of different neutrals, haha. I chose three cool tones along with one warm tone to add some serious contrast and dimension in this scarf. It's always so interesting to select a color palette that looks one way, but then when you rearrange the order of the colors or use more of one than another, it can totally change the look! You can use the same colors in so many different ways to create a variety of results.

For the Metro Bias Scarf, I wanted all of the colors to play with each other and for the black to really accent each one, so as I worked I switched back and forth from color to color and striped narrow and wide sections between them. I tried to use equal amounts of each color, and I kept thinking how completely different it would have looked if I would have chosen one or two main colors and only used a bit of accent with the others. I just love all of the possibilities!

This is the kind of pattern can you can make over and over again in so many different colorways. The stitches are easy to memorize, so it's really just a matter of following the color chart that indicates when to start a new stripe. I'm so excited to see all of your projects using this pattern in different color combos! I'm so happy this yarn is now available at select Michaels stores in addition to and so more people will be able to see it in real life and choose their colors.

This is a beginner level knitting pattern and the techniques involved are the knit stitch, K2tog decreases, KFB increase, and changing colors at the end of a row.


1 skein each Lion Brand Yarn Color Made Easy in Basalt (195-150) for Color A, Caviar (195-153) for Color B, Shade (195-149) for Color C, and Wheat (195-124) for Color D
Size US 11 (8mm) knitting needles
Tapestry needle


Length: 90”/229cm
Width: 9”/23cm


11 sts + 21 rows = 4”/10cm in garter stitch


*All Two of Wands patterns are written in standard US terms
CO – cast on
K – knit
K2tog – knit 2 together
KFB – knit into front and back of stitch
Rep – repeat
RS – right side
St(s) – stitch(es)
WS – wrong side

Notes: Scarf is worked on the bias, decreasing by 1 st at beginning of each WS row and increasing by 1 st at end of each WS row. Yarn may be carried up side of work during sections of thin striping to reduce number of ends to weave in. All color changes take place on RS rows.

With Color A, CO 34 sts.

Row 1 (RS): K.

Row 2 (WS): K 1, K2tog, K to last 2 sts, KFB, K 1.

Rep rows 1 and 2, changing colors as follows (color chart provided below):

Rows 3-28: Color A.

Rows 29 and 30: Color B.

Rows 31 and 32: Color A.

Rows 33 and 34: Color B.

Rows 35 and 36: Color A.

Rows 37 and 38: Color B.

Rows 39-54: Color C.

Rows 55-60: Color A.

Rows 61 and 62: Color D.

Rows 63 and 64: Color B.

Rows 65 and 66: Color D.

Rows 67 and 68: Color B.

Rows 69-96: Color D.

Rows 97 and 98: Color B.

Rows 99-110: Color D.

Rows 111-118: Color B.

Rows 119-130: Color C.

Rows 131 and 132: Color B.

Rows 133 and 134: Color C.

Rows 135 and 136: Color B.

Rows 137 and 138: Color C.

Rows 139 and 140: Color B.

Rows 141 and 142: Color C.

Rows 143 and 144: Color B.

Rows 145 and 146: Color C.

Rows 147 and 148: Color B.

Rows 149-154: Color C.

Rows 155-174: Color A.

Rows 175-178: Color C.

Rows 179-206: Color A.

Rows 207 and 208: Color B.

Rows 209 and 210: Color D.

Rows 211 and 212: Color B.

Rows 213 and 214: Color D.

Rows 215 and 216: Color B.

Rows 217 and 218: Color D.

Rows 219 and 220: Color B.

Rows 221-234: Color D.

Rows 235-240: Color A.

Rows 241-246: Color D.

Rows 247-252: Color B.

Rows 253 and 254: Color C.

Rows 255 and 256: Color B.

Rows 257 and 258: Color C.

Rows 259 and 260: Color B.

Rows 261-278: Color C.

Rows 279 and 280: Color B.

Rows 281 and 282: Color C.

Rows 283 and 284: Color B.

Rows 285-300: Color C.

Bind off.

Secure and weave in all ends. Lightly block if desired.

Purchase the printable, ad-free pattern here.

Purchase the kit from Lion Brand Yarn here.

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